Corvallis technological provider for SMACT

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has admitted the project of the universities of Triveneto aimed at establishment of the SMACT Competence Center to final negotiations for financing.
This project focusses on digital technologies - Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, IoT - and on the innovation strategy based on Industry 4.0. It needs an investment from the ministry to cover the nearly 7.5 million euro of the costs of personnel, laboratories and equipment for a three-year period and is backed by a substantial investment made by 30 enterprises, including Corvallis SpA, which joined the project as technology providers and industrial partners.
The goal of the project is to create the best conditions for tackling technological and innovative challenges of enterprises and at the same time to contribute to new economic growth of the territory in a strategic industry for the country and for businesses in North-East Italy.

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