Integration of the sales channels

Multi-channel means integrating all contact points (touchpoint brand) between the make and the client, overcoming reductive approaches of multichannel distribution policies and integrated communication strategies.

Multi-channel does not mean only adding more channels to the interaction but rather integrating the channels in a more extensive interaction experience.


Corvallis has a Competence Centre for the development of Multi-channel solutions based on highly-innovative platforms, which exploit flexible, high-performing architectures and are assisted in an integrated fashion by the key assets of the Corvallis offer: consultancy, systems integration, applications and the implementation of technologies.

In this context, our solutions for multi-channel service management have the following objective:

  • the extension of all client services in a multi-channel manner in a fully-integrated system: the orders can be entered in a "mobile" manner, queried or cancelled by the internet-PC, by call centres or taken back up directly in the branch/agency;
  • the creation of an environment in which the client finds the same scenario, with its own customisations, on all channels (security tokens, customised home page for banking, watch list for trading, etc.);
  • the possibility given to the client to proceed and exploit sudden, impulsive decisions to buy;
  • guarantee of independence from the device: what will the "next smartphone" be (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, the “new thing”)?


These segments of the Corvallis proposal for banks and insurance:

  • HOME INSURANCE - Insured party portfolio, summary of claims and proceedings open, section dedicated to communication
  • INTERNET/MOBILE BANKING - Availability of all bank services in a multi-channel logic
  • ON-LINE TRADING - "Global Brokerage System" complete brokerage and securities system, management and integration of all channels: internet, call centre, branches, mobile, ATM


For insurance, moreover, Corvallis also has specialised competences in support of applications for:

  • DIRECT COMPANY - integrated multi-channel platform that operates through the call centre channel, the internet channel and the mobile channel.
  • COLLABORATOR PORTAL - real-time management of appointments assigned by the claims offices, quick, constant dialogue between liquidators and collaborators

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