Corvallis is one of the first IT service companies in the Italian market with a high-added value offer addressed to banks, insurance companies, industry, the services sector, and public administrations. Functional, technological and process skills acquired in 30 years are available in specific lines: consultancy, software integration, products, application services, and outsourcing in a business model structured to promote innovative solutions that support clients in reaching specific growth objectives. A close partnership network ensures greater competitiveness and completes its highly specialized, fully integrated IT offer.

Corvallis steps forward as a “strategic partner” and starts from client’s needs to develop a strong relationship based on shared objectives and opportunities. A consolidated heritage of working knowledge in technological and process skills, versatility, and close cooperation have always been company trademarks. The results achieved in over 30 years of operation in the IT field testify to the  validity of a business model based on these values:
  • Knowledge - knowledge of the customer's business;
  • Anticipation - the effort in and, where possible, anticipate the needs of the customer;
  • Flexibility - the flexibility and respect for individual needs;
  • Ethics - the research for clear and transparent relationship;
  • Team - the idea that the team spirit is the foundation of every successful relationship.



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Corvallis is certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001 and has undertaken various initiatives to promote the continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of services offered, so as to satisfy the demands of the customer.


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