Biometric Signature

Solutions integrated with the most innovative signature technologies

Corvallis offers expertise and solutions for the implementation of biometric signature characterized by static images and dynamic signals.
Biometric signature is a recognition systems that measure and analyze the physical activity of signing, such as the stroke order, the pressure applied and the speed, which allow identification and verification processes about the subscriber identity. Biometric signature is legal and compliant with italian DigitPAregulations.
Corvallis solutions implements biometric signature by integrating the information systems of the customer with a number of specialist functions: from the device that detects biometric functions to the applicative function (validation of the signature, parameter binding signature indissolubly associated to the document) until subsequent back-office operations relating the storage of digital documents.
The biometric signature makes the document actually "born digital", already dematerialized, with obvious reduction of costs associated with paper digitization and facilitates concrete paperless
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