Geographical knowledge of business

As concerns Geomarketing matters, Corvallis offers BusinessUp as its innovative proprietary solution that uses a powerful cartographic motor and an advanced connection method to alphanumerical databases to carry out advanced analyses on the territory.


Usable both in ASP (Application Service Provider) and installed at the client's premises, it gives the option of connecting countless databases to the territory, as well as enabling a timely analysis both of specific company data and system data.
The possibility of representing clients in the territory, with specific subject matters, their value and their social-economic characteristics immediately explains, thanks to the geographic representation, what is very often present in a countless set of databases on on which various reports can be obtained.


The reading of reports often fails to give the immediacy or perception obtained as seeing the same data represented graphically on the territory.
The fact of graphically seeing your market share depicted, or certain specific data, rather than the system data, creates that immediacy that has instant meaning. Being able to cross-link the segmentation variables (branches, competitors, miscellaneous data, etc.) with the territorial component, makes BusinessUp a powerful tool at the service of Geomarketing.


Being able to connect to ISTAT databases also enables an analysis of the social-economic context that represents the gravitational basin of your branch or agency.

Thanks to the advanced territorial analysis function of BusinessUp, the data can be queried, aggregated and exported.
BusinessUp for example, allows you to:

  • Identify and locate current and potential clients and competitors;
  • Locate and optimise the network of branches or ATMs;
  • Define and analyse the user basin of a branch or agency according to the construction of isochronous areas;
  • Estimate the potential expressed by a given geographic area for a specific sector;
  • Define area or branch objectives;
  • Plan promotional actions and campaigns according to the location of your target;
  • Optimise the product mix for an individual sales outlet, according to location.


To find out more, download the brochure in English or visit the dedicated website where you can register and access the Demo area free of charge.

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