Know Your Customer

Manage the Fourth Money Laundering Directive


KYC 4 is the new version of the Corvallis application suite, Know Your Customer, able to guarantee complete, quick and accurate adhesion to the requirements of supervisory bodies on matters of money laundering and preventing the risk of financing terrorism.


The new release KYC 3 covers subjects according to process: this type of approach enables the integrated, coherent management of the various legislative requirements involving the client and his transactions; in operative terms, it equates to what on an organisational level is the institution of a company processing department dedicated to compliance matters.



The main characteristics of the KYC 4 suite are:

  • open, modular architecture;
  • integrated, coherent management of the different areas of risk prevention;
  • central role of the repository;
  • flexibility;
  • convergence of reports made by the different areas, in order to have a systemic vision of the client and take effective organisational steps to prevent risk.



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