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Corvallis is the result of a management buy-out that split Infracom IT from Infracom Group and allowed the incorporation of NEM SGR (a Banca Popolare di Vicenza Group Merchant Bank) as an investor board member.


Coravallis vaunts the influx of experience and skills of companies formerly owned by Infracom IT including Inform, Wintec, Coginfo, EDS Informatica e Cultura, Sigma Distribuzione, all of which over the years reinforced market presence and made Infracom IT a landmark in the Italian IT world.


The Corvallis brand represents the enthusiasm, determination, and perseverance of President Antonio Santocono has developed since he first visited Corvallis (Oregon, USA) on an profitable study program more than 30 years ago.


The Corvalllis brand today embodies the same propensity for innovation as then, and also features a longstanding ally, Enrico Del Sole, a tireless advocate of innovative enterprise and fervent supporter of the Corvallis Project himself.


Innovation has always distinguished the IT sector inItaly’s Veneto Region, particularly in the city of Padova. The numerous IT companies whose dedication and research have been rewarded by positions of prestige in the Italian market provide examples of local excellence.


"Process & Solution" is the embodiment of our assets: the integration of two decades of work with client business processes and organizations generates the solutions that are best adapted to a complete extent of needs and expectations.





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