Business Model

The business model enhances a portfolio of offerings for specialized market areas in concert with four service lines that also benefit from the expertise of the companies within the Group provide services in Outsourcing:


  • Business solutions, are flexible and modular solutions that can improve performance in a measurable way, and are the result of the consolidated knowledge of our customers business;
  • Services, characterize a wide range of services and responding to the needs of innovation in business models and supporting the goals of performance and competitiveness;
  • Outsourcing creates strategic value. The experience and expertise of Corvallis characterize a proposition of Outsourcing Services strategic-based services that can be modulated on the individual needs.
  • Transversely to the operating business units, there is the sector Research and Development, which transfers innovation in internal production cycle thereby supporting the development of new products / solutions to be used in targeted markets.


 Modello business







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