Group companies

Corvallis has an articulated structure and various companies divided among subsidiaries and consociates, each of which offering a specific competence center:


 corporate structure 2020 



  • Corvallis SpA - one of the first IT service companies in the Italian market;
  • JuliaSoft - company specialized in Automatic Code Analysis Software, which proposes a platform of products and services for static analysis and semantic facing application procedures, developed with Java, Android and .NET;
  • Payotik - provides solutions for the monitoring and the balancing of payment systems, and access to interbank networks in both legacy and departmental context;
  • Gefil - is a subsidiary registered in the Tax Collectors’ Register that provides taxation services to local government agencies regarding the liquidation, assessment, and collection of taxes. GEFIL SpA vaunts 100% ownership of two other important companies:
    • Elfo - the CompetenceCenter for the integrated management in outsourcing of local government agency tax and property revenue activities;
    • Megasp - proposes global SeGeC (Road Code Violations Management Service) service in line with e-government directives to Municipal Police Stations for the integrated, remote, and externalized management;
    • Telerete Nordest SpA - active in the telecommunications area and in the sector of integrated mobility and museum site management services;
  • Galileo Network - provides global solutions for the rationalization and automation of Confidi credit intermediary system operation;
  • C.T. Sicilia - participation into Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi;
  • Corvallis Financial Services - specialized in Outsourcing services with high skills for the insurance market. Offers full outsourcing services; business process outsourcing or selective outsourcing;
  • CORVALLIS DM - is a subsidiary specialized in Document Management services through;
  • FDM Business Services - important italian market player that provides BPM Services and document management services;
  • Corvallis Welfare - specialized in welfare services aimed at the market of private institutional investors of social security type;
  • Parametrica PF - leading company offering professional solutions for social security forms (financial and actuarial, legal, administrative and tax advice);
  • retItalia Internazionale - IT player for technological and organizational innovation in public administration;
  • Corvallis Business Information (B.I.) - specialized company with advanced business information skills;
  • modeFinance - credit rating agency;
  • Thauma Digital Performance Intelligence - develops software solutions, including the Thauma product: a tool that allows to monitor and improve the performance of governance and management processes.



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