Document Management

Make efficient data, give value to your processes

Many years of experience in managing and streamlining document management processes, together the knowledge of the business processes of the banking sector, make Corvallis the reference partner in Document Management solutions.
The specific skills in the Capital Market areaand in general, in the scope Financehave enabled the realization of an vertical offer, extremely flexible and powerful: Vision Finance, a Framework Document, Process and Management from the Suite VISION of Corvallis.
VISION FINANCE - The solution is built in a "CHANNEL" can therefore be used both as a front-end applications from Totem or by the CBIHome Banking, Mobile. It also integrates with any device, tablets, light pens, scanners, optical readers.
Vision Finance, as the other solutions of Vision Suiteis highly innovativeOCR to read FREE FORMby managing any type of print spooler integration with more than 90 front-end processes (Banking, Insurance and Financial Advisors), the digitization of contracts to streamline the processes of transportand security files, the management of over 500 document formats of Purchasing Cycle and finally access to electronic storage.
The solution is completely web-based and and is in constant evolution in order to allows customers to stay ahead in the evolution of document management solutions.
BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE - Corvallis has created a solution for acquire, identify and implement client's biometrics signature which can be integrates with the counter application in order to dematerialise documents and business process paper-based from the moment the document is created.
Watch the video about implementations of Biometric Signature.


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