Finance is our traditional reference area in which we have been working for over 20 years.


Working knowledge and experience acquired in the operative systems and processes that characterize this area let us now support operations through our Projects and Application Management and IT Consultancy services and specific skills in:
  • Bond Management
  • Negotiation and Bond Pricing solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Funds Placement
  • Financial Reference


In the field of Financial Reference, Corvallis offers a Global Security Master Application that allows the financial institutions to process securities and prices information from multiple internal and external sources and to store it in a central repository. The Global Security Master Application creates, maintains and publishes a standardized reference data for all financial instruments.  


The solution key differentiators:

  • Supports the full data lifecycle including acquisition, cleansing, normalization, validation, enrichment and distribution;
  • Supports data operations, authorization workflows, activity monitoring and tracking and exception management;
  • Unique real time golden copy and completeness functions allow a flexible delivery of the right data at the right time to the right audience;
  • Near-universal instrument and asset type coverage is complemented by the ability to define any new product model;
  • Can be data master for any line of business in the field of securities and investments;
  • Is based on application architecture and on proprietary normalized datamodel, that enable new functionalities to be added or existing ones extended without the typical constraints encountered with ad-hoc, data-coupled applications;
  • Is built on a robust high-availability and real-time architecture which is cost-effectively scalable; it is open and easy to integrate and maintain.

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