Mutual Funds Management


FINV is the solution for the management of Italian and foreign mutual fund and Sicav operations.


The solution can be parameterized with independent and integrated components that can work either singularly or share functions when adopted by same user.

FINV is composed of the following independent and integrative applicative modules: Distributor bank, Trasnsfer agent and Custodian bank.

FINV flexibility permits the management of a wide range of Italian and foreign OICVM fundsthrough just one application, guaranteeing both the supply of efficient administrative services and the optimization of the organization of the offices assigned to the service. FINV has been developed to meet the needs of the most diverse categories of users and permits customization to the needs of each user and every model of organization, operation, and commerce.


The product’s modular structure  promotes coexistence and easy integration with the other operative systems in place at the user’s premises and simplifies the adaptation and development of specific functions. Placing parameterization at the user’s complete disposal shortens the intervention times usually required for the activation of new  OICVM (foreign or Italian funds), and simplifies the management at user level of any modifications in the commission structure of the OICVM handled. 


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