In the compliance sector, Corvallis is one of the protagonists in the struggle against  Money-Laundering and Fraud thanks to its solutions that above and beyond complying promptly with regulations have become effective tools for company governance and the creation of added value.

ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING AND Fourth Money Laundering CE Directive

Corvallis is the market leader in Anti-money laundering and IV Directive. 
With over 30 system set-ups in the market, the company works with nearly all the leading Italian insurance companies.

KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER is the solution Corvallis proposes for management of IV Directive anti-money laundering topics that guarantees complete, rapid, and accurate compliance with all control authority requests.  This application permits the integrated and coherent management of the various obligations required by law that primarily regard the client and client transactions, with a suite of specific modules for the classification of clientele, verification of suspicious names, client behavior analysis, and the reporting of suspicious operations.

WINTAR 3 is the multi-platform Corvallis solution that completely satisfies government requisites for the Single Financial Transactions Database while also extending the system’s potential to become an authentic interface in its own right: by acquiring data from the Client and the client’s operations, it controls and logs all such information, making it utilizable through an advanced reporting system and dashboard.


The Anti-Fraud application helps insurance companies gather information they need in the fight against fraud, identify suspicious claims in advance, and intervene promptly whenever a fraud is in the making.

The application reconstructs the suspicious dynamics by collecting isolated facts and grouping them by event. Advanced algorithms identify and extract the events and facts that raise suspicion and suggest potential fraud. 


A Risk Management solution to comply with all facets of Solvency II. The solution enables institutions to meet regulatory requirements while providing the foundation for improved strategy and performance.

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