Enterprise Information Management


Irion is the Corvallis partner in the implementation of projects and solutions in the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) field using IrionDQ framework.

IrionDQ is a unique and innovative all-in-one system that is both flexible and easy to use that permits the management, quality improvement, analysis and export of all company data as if they were available in just one enormous virtual database. The solutions applicable through this framework help make quick decisions based  on the analysis of high-quality information rendered coherent, thanks also to the automatic production of “Audit Statements” (process execution records) that justify and reconstruct both the logic applied and the data effectively utilized in the process.


IrionDQ vaunts integrated, organically constructed architecture that enables the following functions:

  • Access to heterogeneous data sources
  • Normalization
  • Transformation and Control
  • Integration and/or Correction
  • Balancing and Reconciliation
  • Consolidation and Analysis
  • Export & Reporting
  • Charting & Publishing


Combining its skills with the potential of the product, Corvallis can provide its clients (banks, insurance companies, financial companies, industry, utility/energy suppliers) with:

  • Support during analysis, requisite definition, solution identification, and drafting and management of the activities plan
  • System Integration with the existing Information System components that must interface the solution
  • Training for the operative user and business analyst
  • Post start-up assistance
  • Application Management of the solutions developed
  • Specific skills in the development of solutions in the following environments:
    • DataWarehouse and Data Mart quality checking and loading
    • Back Office data reconciliation and matching (e.g.: security custodian and correspondent bank, GPM&GPF, Finance Area, SGR, etc.)  
    • Data Integration
    • Definition, calculation and monitoring of business process Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Data Quality:
      • design and development of specific monitoring systems
      • integration of DQ  processes in particular environments (e.g. data migration projects, interface between different systems, Solvency II)
  • Client Reporting
  • Support in compliance to standards
  • Commission calculation and control
  • Credit portfolio analysis
  • Data Consolidation





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