Risk Management Solution


Corvallis completes its offer for the Solvency II Directive with support from its partner Moody’s Analytics, the world leader in Risk Management and Performance Management software for insurance and finance. The Moody’s Analytics Solvency II suite features the following modules and functions:


  • Solvency II Risk Repository: Solvency II-compliant Data Mart provides all the functionalities and frameworks necessary to meet CP43 data quality management requisites, specifically:
    • Functional and business data quality processes
    • Reconciliation of accounts
    • 4 Eyes Process
    • Datum auditability and traceability
    • Datum segregation
  • SCR standard formula calculation engines (Life & Non Life)
  • Environment for the development/adoption of internal models
  • Regulatory and Business Reporting


Through its own product and business specialists, Corvallis offers points of reference in both integrating Moody’s Analytics Solvency II Suite and helping Italian insurance companies define and design the processes and procedures necessary for efficient and efficacious compliance to standards and regulations.


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