Document Management


Reduced use of paper, saving space, and faster document retrieval are all essential in Public Administration innovation and reform. These aspects are part of a dematerialization process that has now become irreversible for several reasons: greater efficiency and  control of documents, the sharing of documents and data within a process, the conservation and  security of  information, and savings of time and resources. In order for the dematerialization process to be efficacious however, changes must be introduced in both organization and integrated tools and technologies that guarantee the satisfaction of client needs and reference standards as well. Document dematerialization is therefore an extremely delicate process best approached with assistance from experts.


With its own competence center dedicated to Document Management, Corvallis sets the standard in developing complex dematerialization solutions for documents and document flows. Dematerialization projects are enacted using its own methodology featuring specific processes (acceptance of documents, acquisition, restoration, processing, quality control, packaging) characterized by constant monitoring and precise verification activity that guarantee results and the most reliable products.


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