Pubblic Sector

Corvallis adds value to the public sector through process redesign and automation



With its consolidated heritage of technological and process skills for the public sector, Corvallis offers solutions and services to Local (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Reclamation Consortiums) and Central (Ministries and Publicly-owned companies) Administrations with a model that combines its historical areas of excellence based on its strategic, organizational, and process knowledge of the local government market and its specialized Skill Factories for:


  • Territorial and Environmental Services. this package of solutions and services includes systems for local public administrations, specialized mapping services, and systems and solutions for the territory and the environment;
  • Taxation service management for Local Public Agencies outsourcing services for development consortiums, road code violations management, for the management of tax and property revenue for Local Public Agencies and other taxation services for the same;
  • Cultural Heritage. Solutions and services for the safe-guarding, value enhancement and promotion of cultural and architectural treasures;
  • Document Management. Services and solutions for the computerization of paper-based processes;
  • Governance. Skilled personnel and solutions that add value and develop client business processes;
  • Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management. Solutions and services for the analysis of the energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions in the urban environment.








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