Territorial and ambiental systems



Products and services  for Local Public Administrations


A suite of IT solutions and services to be delivered also through Territorial Service Centers:

  • Portal for Municipalities: Internet portal for the delivery of e-government services to companies and citizens;
  • Products and services for the constitution of the Property Archives through the standardization and renewal of the Municipality’s various map databases. The operations for the use and management of the Property Archives are based on the proprietary InformCity suite;
  • Inventory Management Service: an IT system that supports the Municipality’s management of its heritage of movable and immovable property;
  • P.A.T. publication service: a suite for the Internet publication and consultation of the P.A.T./Territorial Zoning Plan;


Specialized Cartographic Services

The services that cover various aspects of cartography and exploit skills acquired through remote sensing operations include:

  • Civic land surveys;
  • PRG standardization;
  • Constitution of Property Archives
  • Risk management;
  • Geo-topographic database construction;
  • Quick technical satellite mapping;
  • Control and updating of Cadastral databases, etc.


Territorial and Environmental Systems and solutions

  • Development of Territorial/Cadastral IT Systems: design and creation of Territorial and Environmental IT Systems, personalization of the principal GIS in the market, development of renewable resource analysis instruments (agricultural-forestry land registries and inventories, degraded area census compilation ,  monitoring and alert networks), websites with cartographic consultation;
  • Digital Mapping Services: general and topic-related digital mapping (land registry, CTR, etc.), quick mapping of constructed areas, digital mapping derived from satellite image processing, photo interpretation and/or automatic classification. Development of integrated and customized digital  mapping  solutions, Web and multimedia applications for education and communication;
  • Cadastral data processing services;
  • Land surveys using GPS and Laser scanner technologies;
  • Environmental planning: Environmental Impact Studies, Incident Assessment, Environmental Monitoring Plans, development of territorial analysis methods and models (including Strategic Environmental Assessment), sustainable development plans, and degraded area recovery projects developed using natural engineering.





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