Suite Vision

The Vision Suite is the result of twenty years of experience in Corvallis Document Management sector
It consists of three modules:
  • Open Vision - local interface device for  documents acquisition. It has its own OCR system and the possibility of the digital signature;
  • Vision - core application client / weballows:
    • Central management of all devices
    • It has a DB with unlimited management of images and data
    • Transformation of the image in data
    • Interface with all conncetion systems including wireless channels, counter driver, etc..
    • Interfaced to use multimedia tools such as Totem
    • Substitutive storage (also in service)
  • Vision Plus - web application that in addition to all features of Visionincludes a workflow engineallowing you to intercept a document in any point in the process and make it available in real time to another "subject" (person, channel, application etc. ...), regardless of location.






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