Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management

Solutions and services for the analysis of the energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions in the urban environment.


Corvallis solutions offer administrators of city and local authorities the possibility to improve energy efficiency and reduce total CO2 emissions through the provision of the following services:

  • Execution of thermal aerial and ground surveys to measure building heat losses through roofs and facades and processing of the collected images to apply geometrical and atmospheric corrections.
  • Calculation of buildings heat energy demand and CO2 emission values starting from data on surveyed heat losses.
  • Mapping of energy consumption to visualize where and how much energy is being consumed in municipalities, provinces and regions.
  • Development of support decision system to allow public administrators and operators to build scenarios of energy efficiency improvement and emissions reduction.
  • Database construction for energy auditing of entire cities containing information on energy usage, CO2 emissions and main target sectors.
  • Compilation of sustainable energy action plans for local authorities that have joined the Covenant of Mayors to delineate innovative efficiency measures and reduce CO2 emissions in the urban environment.
  • Organization of training courses and workshops for public administrators and technical staff concerning carbon management, thermal images interpretation and improvement of energy efficiencies of the urban stock.


The following benefits can be gained by public authorities through the provision of energy efficiency and carbon management services offered by Corvallis:

  • Support in the development of a baseline inventory of CO2 emissions and energy wastages useful for the compilation of sustainable energy action plans.
  • The possibility for city administrators to demonstrate green credentials towards the protection of the environment.
  • A baseline assessment of energy loss and environmental sustainability of cities, districts or regions.
  • The improvement of standards of living and quality of life of citizens deriving from the improvement of the urban environment.
  • Decision making support within public administrations for the definition of investment strategies and urban development including scenarios of energy efficiency improvement and expanded usage of renewable energies.
  • Effective contribution towards the achievement of the EC 20-20-20 objectives.

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